Procedure for Earning Merit Badges - 7/16/2020

Note: the procedure below replaces the blue merit badge cards and does not require any physical contact, which is exactly what we want with the current Covid-19 situation. In addition it insures there is a permanent, electronic record of a Scout's progress in earning the badge.

1. The Scout communicates with the Scoutmaster or Asst Scoutmaster about the badge or badges they want to work on.

2. A Troop leader will send the Scout a list of merit badge counselors. The list will usually be sorted by distance from our location, as those that are closer are more likely to know about our Troop (not a big consideration).

3. The Scout chooses a counselor and contacts them, indicating they want to work on the badge. The Scout can use any method for contacting. All electronic written communications should copy the Scoutmaster or Asst Scoutmaster. The contacting must be done by the Scout, NOT A PARENT OR ANYONE ELSE. This is part of the education in the merit badge process - teaching a boy how to communicate with adults. Scouts should understand that in some cases listed counselors will not be able to help them, so they should be prepared to contact additional counselors.

4. Once the counselor has been selected the Scout must advise the Scoutmaster or Asst Scoutmaster of this. We will connect that Counselor to the Scout via Scoutbook so the Counselor can record the Scout's progress.

5. When the Scout has finished working on the badge the Counselor will mark the badge as completed on Scoutbook. The Scout then advises the Scoutmaster or Asst Scoutmaster of this and the badge will be approved. DONE!!!.

While a Scout can start working on a badge before choosing a Counselor, we DO NOT recommend this. The Counselor is there to guide the Scout through the process, not just to sign off at the end.

Please contact any Troop Leader if for some reason a Scouts's Merit Badge Counselor is NOT listed on Scoutbook. A Scout should avoid working on the badge until we resolve this.